Why Does Twitter Go Down? A Humble Letter To All Twitter Users
By on June 14th, 2008

Why does Twitter Go Down?

From Twitter Itself:

Time and again you have been asking me (Twitter) this question and I (Twitter) take this opportunity to answer why;

After every few seconds every user feels diminished if there are no updates in their account and they keep using the refresh button, just like they would be flushing toilets over and over again to make sure that nothing remains. In my (Twitter) case they want to make sure atleast one of the tweeple who are following them replies to their updates.

I (Twitter) have tried time and again to tell them that, it is not necessary for someone to respond to their updates unless they are sick, jailed, expecting a baby, having a birthday party, getting married, they are a pro blogger or have really good friends.

If I (Twitter) started counting replies and charging one cent for it, I (Twitter) would be richer than Bill Gates. But Bill Gates does not twitter so I can’t charge you the one cent yet.

Every time I (Twitter) go down, I (Twitter) face numerous complaints from top users blaming me for the poor service that I (Twitter) render, but I (Twitter) have stopped hearing how I (Twitter) made the top bloggers more famous.

I (Twitter) have been facing tons of rejections and have been losing users who used me all this while and didn’t even pay me one cent and are now accusing me. I (Twitter) feel dejected that the same users who used me to their own benefits are now turning their backs on me.

I (Twitter) heard that you guys are plurking, but that’s not even a word in English dictionary, but tweeting is. So are you exactly plucking at my wings or what?

Well for all my normal users, if thousands of people respond to a pro blogger that does not mean that refreshing the page 1000 times will make someone respond to your activities, I (Twitter) am quite sure that I (Twitter) listen to each and every character you send to me and quite frankly I am not unlike Shakespeare and at times am unable to make sense of your fancy short messaging texts which are beyond my dictionaries.

Though I (Twitter) was born in the 21st century I (Twitter) have only learnt two English words till now which include I’m down or I (Twitter) will be back soon, there are variations of it which you may see but they all point to the above two words I (Twitter) have learnt.

Please pardon me but if you see Ieverywhere, please understand its me Twitter speaking. I (Twitter) can’t keep everyone happy and as you already know I (Twitter) am free to use and free to abuse too. Do keep your feelings coming in, it lets me know that how much you would pay to abuse me.

Note from Editor: This is all a fiction, I (Keith) created it to point out a fact that how people treat services that are free as a paid software, and then feel free to abuse them even though they (software creators) are not gaining anything out of you.

I do agree that people are building free services to gain customers and eventually money, but like I said this is just a emphasis towards open source and free software, once you get famous you have to go through abuses and support requests just like paid software giants Microsoft and Adobe provide you with.

Believe me I have gone through this with a open source software I created that got famous. People simply started abusing me without reading the licensing that said that I take no guarantee that it would work for you or not and this is your own prerogative.

But I do provide support for users without even asking them what went wrong and 9-10 times my software was never a issue. If free software are open to abuse I would like to ask you all to contribute towards development of free softwares, nothing comes free in life specially when you open source.

Nevertheless I have just used Twitter due to the problems it has been facing as a fiction and do not in any way associate this post as being a official Twitter post. If any one see’s any problem in the post please feel free to contact me and I will take this down.

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