Location Based Social App WhosHere Comes To Android

Social networks provide people a platform to connect. Moving a step forward, location aware social networks are helping people find people from nearby location. Thankfully the advent of GPS enabled devices have provided much needed fodder to the trend and the new breed of social apps have shown promises to outshine the general networks in getting people connected with new friends based on their location as well as interests.


Founded in 2008, WhosHere, a similar location aware social app, has so long been an iOS exclusive app connecting people from nearby locations. Recently it has introduced video chat for the iOS variant and announced its arrival on the Android platform. The social networking app is aimed towards connecting people nearby by tapping into the GPS functionality of their smartphones. The interface is crummy compared to that of its iOS version and also lacks the newly introduced video chat functionality in the latter one.


Nonetheless, the charm is surely working for WhosHere, which can rightfully brag about the 5 million users already crowding the network as the February figures suggest. Instagram’s Android launch, which was also a popular iOS only app so far, showed an enthusiastic acceptance by Android users(while reportedly iOS users responded with an adverse opinion). Touted as a dating service, we will have to wait to see how the Android community responds to WhosHere.

The success of Path, Highlight, Sonar.me, Foursquare, EchoEcho and a dozen others bear testimony to the fact that people are gradually getting more inclined to location based apps. And to be candid, meeting a new individual online with a prospect to meet him/her in person is more probable with these apps. This is a reminder that no matter how much we stay glued to our smartphone screens to connect with people online, the truly social interaction still happens face to face.

WhosHere for Android

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