Watson Is More Than Just Jeopardy!

Watson is the latest innovation at IBM. A master of natural language processing, it is the ultimate desire of a computer system: to clearly understand a human spoken language. This sounds like an easy task as it comes naturally to us humans, though computers have never been this good with natural language until now.

Watson recorded a breakthrough in computing by winning Jeopardy. So, did IBM create the Watson system just to win Jeopardy? Definitely not. Watson has been seen as a possible means of doing complex calculations involving natural language. This ability to process unstructured data and to comprehend natural language makes Watson the Skynet we saw in Terminator movies.

Watson is befriending various universities and a communication company Nuance is channeling Watson’s resources to the healthcare industry. In short, Watson has big plans to help the world. The first commercial offering is expected in the next two years. This sudden wake towards computing power and the results shown by Watson has finally proven that the way information is shared and accessed will change, not only for us, but also for computer systems. In short, we can expect much better and superior automated stock predictions, sentiment analysis for product sales and future predictions based on proper analysis of mathematical data as well as textual data.

Learn more about Watson at this page from IBM. For some better insight into Watson, see this Q&A at Reddit.

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Chinmoy Kanjilal

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