Watch President Obama’s ‘State Of The Union’ Speech Online

State of the union speech by a President is one of the most important addresses he ever makes. The purpose is to provide a report on Country’s condition and outline the agenda for the next twelve months. President Obama will give the speech next Wednesday Jan 27, at 9 pm EST. According to analysts his speech would focus on health care reforms, homeland security and the relief efforts in Haiti.

If you want to watch ‘State of the union’ speech live on your computer, you don’t need to go to any third party website to watch the event live. It would be streamed live on the official White House website. It is an advertisement free platform that allows you to watch live events from the White House for free. No membership or registration is required. On the other hand, if you want to watch ‘State of the union’ speech live on your mobile phone, you can simply download the official White House app for your iPhone or iPod Touch and watch the speech live on your mobile device. Download the app from here.

This is the first time White House will be officially streaming the speech on the web. Previously, it only used to be available at third party websites like YouTube. If you want to read the previous speeches, The American Presidency Project has an archive going back to George Washington (1790).

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