Watch Oscars 2010 Online, Oscars Red Carpet Live Coverage

oscars_2010Earlier today we told you about watching Oscars 2010 live online. In that post, we listed out ways to watch the 82nd Oscars Academy awards live online. This years Oscars is unique in the sense that there are 10 nominations for the best movie of the year. There are several movies this year which will make deciding the winners pretty tough.

The biggest battle of this year will be in the Best Movie category between the ex-couple, Avatar director James Cameroon and Hurt Locker director Kathryn Bigelow. By the way did you now that Avatar was created using Linux?


If you are not able to watch the Oscars on your television, here are some ways in which you can watch the live coverage of the Oscars 2010 and Oscars 2010 Red Carpet online. Most of the live streaming feeds will go live at 6PM EST / 3PM EST on Sunday, March 7th 2010, so you will have to tune in around that time. Please check your local listings to find the timings of Oscar 2010 in your country.

You can also watch the Oscars 2010 on the official channels given below:

Don’t forget to tell us your predictions on who will be taking away an Oscar in 2010. Feel free to share your own links to watch the Oscars 2010 online.

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