Watch MIX10 2010 Online, Microsoft MIX Keynote

MIX 2010 will go live in the next few hours, here is how you can watch MIX10 or MIX 2010 Online and enjoy all the keynotes from Microsoft.

MIX10 Online

MIX10 is a 3 day conference for web designers and developers who build innovative websites and will be held between March 15th and March 17th. The event is built up of keynotes and sessions for web enthusiasts.

However, the biggest keynote of the event is from Microsoft, who will most likely unveil Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) this year. IE9 is definitely big for Microsoft, even with Internet Explorer having the largest browser market share.

IE has been steadily losing the browser market share to more innovative browsers, including Firefox, and more recently . So if Microsoft does not deliver with IE9, we can definitely assume that they will see a big downslide in the browser market share.

I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of IE9, considering that IE8 left a lot to the imagination. Cut back to the topic, if you are as eager as me to catch up on MIX10, you can watch the live coverage of the entire conference online.

The Keynotes will be streamed live at VistiMix online, you watch watch it on Monday, March 15th and Tuesday, March 16th at 9AM PDT. Don’t miss this one if you are a designer or a web developer. Streaming Link:

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