Watch Miss Universe 2010 Live Online

A very highly watched and anticipated beauty contest, Miss Universe 2010 will be held today where 83 contestants will battle it out to win the most prestigious crown in the universe. This year Miss Universe 2010 Pageant is being hell in Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas.

Miss Universe 2010

The Miss Universe pageant has usually been one of the highly competed beauty contest and the winners are usually decided by judges taking into consideration both beauty and brains. This year NBC is broadcasting the Miss Universe 2010 pageant and you can watch the telecast online.

The official NBC site has videos of the pageant online which can be watched by visiting the official NBC Miss Universe 2010 site here. Users can also find streams of Miss Universe 2010 online at In addition to that you might also find live streams on Miss Universe 2010 on user streaming sites like and Just load the websites in your browser and use the search box to search for Miss Universe 2010.

We will try and upload the post with more options to watch the Miss Universe 2010 Online live. Have fun. Do you have any predictions on who will win the Miss Universe 2010 pageant this year?

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