IPL Semi-final: Watch Mumbai Indians vs Bangalore Royal Challengers Online Live

Mumbai Indians and Bangalore Royal Challengers are gearing to play the first semi-final of IPL 3 2010. This will definitely be a cracker of a match and you can expect a lot of fireworks with both the bat and the ball.


Bangalore Royal Challengers will definitely be dejected because of the moving of the IPL semi-final from their home ground to Mumbai. However, home advantage aside, they have also lost the last match to Mumbai Indians, which will play around on their mind.

Though Mumbai Indians lost the last match, they were without the key players, however, they will definitely play a full strength team in the semi-final, so expect some really good batting from Sachin Tendulkar and company.

Though Mumbai are the clear favorites, only time will tell who will be the winner, and of course this is 20-20, the team which plays well on the given day will win on the day, so it is anyone’s game.

The match will be broadcast live on in association with the stream IPL is providing, however, the stream is definitely not the best on YouTube and is not available in the United States. Check out how you want to watch IPL in the US. In the meantime don’t forget to watch the match between Mumbai Indians and Bangalore Royal Challengers live on YouTube at http://youtube.com/ipl

So who according to you will win between the Bangalore Royal Challengers and Mumbai Indians?

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