Watch IPL Online: YouTube Live Streaming Not For US Users

In a big disappointment for United States users, the live streaming of IPL matches on will not be available for users in the United States. This move is by the IPL think tank and DirectTV to mint more money from the US users.


However, there are several other ways in which you can watch IPL 2010 Online live, there are sites which broadcast live feed of all the IPL matches live and offer good quality, some of these options are paid, some are free.

Sites like UStream have several user channels where you can watch the IPL 2010 live online free, just head over to and search for IPL and you will see a host of channels streaming the matches.

Another way to watch the IPL 2010 matches line online is to use a proxy server which is outside US and then load You will find a lot of proxy servers online which will allow you to then watch the matches live online. Make sure to use a non-US proxy server or you will be blocked again.

I still don’t understand why IPL think tank would want to deprive US users of the live cricket action, but nevertheless you can always watch the matches online for free.

2 thoughts on “Watch IPL Online: YouTube Live Streaming Not For US Users”

    1. Agreed. And on the other hand, Lalit Modi wants to bring the game to USA. What a hypocrite. They're all just a bunch of money-minting greedy pigs. Wouldn't want to be around when competition comes around (the one which they won't be able to kill) and kills them.

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