YouTube Streaming Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill Live

A few days ago, Google had released some imagery to track the Gulf of Mexico Oil spill through Google Earth. Now another Google product is allowing users to track the Gulf of Mexico spill through a live streaming video.

Gulf of Mexico Live Oil Spill

Right now, if you visit the PBS NEWSHOUR site on YouTube, you will be able to see a live video of the Gulf of Mexico Oil spill as it happens.

One thing I can say is that the oil is definitely spilling out at a very fast rate. Hopefully, the new tactics to be employed will once and for all shut down the spill.

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  • Carmine Fragione

    It appears too simple that the U. S. Navy could send a torpedo missile, that could penetrate the ocean floor and

    blast the bore hole closed. They have those bunker buster

    type missiles that go deep in solid earth before detonating.

    There seems to be no excuse , everyone remembers how Luke Skywalker used the Force to send a missile down a tiny vent hole shaft to destroy the Death Star. Tell me no one thought it….

  • This is a tragedy that is beyond comprehension. BP has pumped millions of gallons of highly toxic dispersant into the oil plumes, causing it not to surface. It will take many years to reverse the damage that has already been done. Surely they can bomb it shut? The US military must push BP aside and just do it!

  • Hopefully people no longer purchase from BP. I don’t. We better see some pretty heavy criminal charges after the investigation.

    • If there were any BP stations in my area I would definitely boycott them. With the long term damage they have caused to the entire ocean food chain, they should be shut down with all their money going entirely to fixing this mess. Since all these oil companies help fund political campaigns, I doubt they will get punished as harshly as they deserve.

  • This is absolutely disgusting. It is an outrage how long it has taken to fix this leak. It seems BP is more concerned with retaining as much of the oil as possible instead of trying to stop the leak. Even in crisis they care more about how much money they are losing from the oil they cannot siphon up to their ships. Does it really take 6+ weeks to squeeze a tube shut and reinforce it with concrete, steel, mud, or whatever.

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