Watch F1 Qualifiers and Race Online Live, F1 2010

Formula1It’s Formula 1 time folks! Yes that time of the year when everyone gears up for the sport that defines speed. Starting off with the Bahrain Grand Prix, the 2010 season of Formula 1 will be as fast, exciting and adrenaline-pumping as ever. The qualifier for this season is on the 13th of March at 11:00AM GMT (2:00PM local race time or 4:30PM IST) while the main race will be at 12 noon GMT (3:00PM local race time or 5:30PM IST). With twelve teams lining up for the nineteen-race event, the entire season will be a treat for racing fans! 

With many changes in the rules and regulations this season, and the withdrawal of BMW and Toyota from the season, only four engine companies (Mercedes, Ferrari, Cosworth and Renault) are powering the entire grid. The teams have had quite the number of changes, and with no Finn in my favorite team (considering the fact that I consider Mika Hakkinen to be the greatest driver in the history of F1 that I have witnessed) I will not be quite as loud while cheering McLaren.

BahrainGP Bahrain’s 49-lap 6.299Km circuit will not test the drivers’ skill as much as it will test the 50,000 grandstand spectators’ cheer. Built with entertainment in mind, the six-year old circuit will be a treat to watch F1 on. Yes, the closest thing to the grandstand seats you will get is your TV or your laptop with an internet connection! Well, since this is a Watch Stuff Onlinepost, you get the general idea! However, most live streaming facilities online are paid services in this sport more than any other. While we are trying to get you the best live streaming facilities for free, you can still enjoy the live timing page on the official website.

Update: You can find live streams for the Formula1 races on Ustream, just follow this link and click on the available videos. You will also find streams and news on the official Speed TV page and also on the Official Forumla1 site at We will update this page as soon as more streams become available.

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