Watch Closing Ceremony of Vancouver Winter Olympics Online

Finally, the Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010 are at an end. The past few days have been a menagerie of events that have thrilled, shocked and irritated us all. This romp of excitement, as with all the other Olympics, has to come to an end and an Olympic end is always magnificent. Usually the Closing ceremony is greater in glory and celebration than the Opening celebration. The organizers, the participants and the people want to stretch the Olympic mood and spirit just a little longer. On the 28th of February at 5:30PM EST, the Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010 will start its closing ceremony. This ceremony will stretch until 7:30PM EST and will be held at the 55,000-seater BC Place Stadium in Vancouver.


The BC Place Stadium has the largest air-supported stadium roof of any indoor stadium in North America. This allows for a tremendous amount of projection capabilities and eliminates the adverse effects of weather. Thus, the weather-proof stadium has been under constant preparation for the Opening, Closing and Victory celebrations of the Olympics. BC Place Stadium is also the venue for the Opening celebrations of the Paralympics.


So are you excited about the Closing Ceremony? So are we! We also like making technology work for us rather than us work with technology! Thus, all you need to do to watch the entire celebrations online is to fire up your laptop and connect it to the closest wifi! (Or use your desktop with your Ethernet connection all the same!) Canadian Sports channels TSN and Sportsnet will be broadcast their live streams online. Both TSN’s live stream and Sportsnet’s live stream will be over the Vancouver Olympics official site.

An alternative to that is to view the live stream from a non-official stream that has five different channels.

Do let us know how you liked the closing ceremony!

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