Watch Chelsea vs Bayern Munich Champions League Finals Online

Chelsea and Bayern Munich are getting ready for the match of their lives on Saturday when they will play the final of the UEFA Champions League. Both teams had some great matches in the semis to make it to the finals with Chelsea stunning last years champions Barcelona.

Bayern Munich has already tasted Champions league glory by winning 4 cups. However, their last Champions league final win came back in 2011. On the other hand, Chelsea have only made it to the Champions league finals once in 2008 where they lost to EPL rivals Manchester United in the finals.

UEFA Champions League Final

This will be a huge match for both teams and will showcase some of the best football. Bayern Munich have a huge home advantage because the final is also being hosted in Munich. Chelsea will not give up lightly though since winning the final is their only chance to play in the Champions league next year after they could not qualify through the English Premier league.

If you are looking to watch the Champion League final match between Chelsea and Bayern Munich online? You can watch the UEFA Champions league final live online using a Google Chrome Extension called Eplsite.

Once you download the extension from here, you can click on the football icon in the toolbar to view a list of current ongoing UEFA and EPL matches, clicking on a link will take you to the live streaming video for the match.

In addition to that you can also try your luck on sites like, or to see if they have live streaming links. Additionally, you will find some user uploaded streams at or Please check your local laws to see if these options are legal before using them.

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