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The world’s largest computer expo is held every year in Hannover, Germany. This is the Centrum der Büro- und Informationstechnik, German for Centre of Office and Information technology. More commonly, this massive expo is known as the CeBIT. Having an exhibition area of around 450,000 sq. meters, this is the happening place where it concerns new developments in the IT industry.

Beginning from the 2nd of March 2010, CeBIT 2010 will stretch on until the 6th of March. This much hyped expo will leave a trail of innovations, novelty and future-norms in its wake.

Originally a part the Hannover Fair, CeBIT grew from its initial size of being part of a trade show to being a large fair on its own. It showcases the newest software, hardware and innovative applications of the aforementioned to set a standard of achievement in the future of the IT industry.

This time 3D displays will be the most sought after (especially after James Cameron’s Avatar), minus the ugly glasses. The new trend this year would be autostereoscopic 3D screens. Hamburg-based Seefront will be at the forefront of these matters this year.


But what if you wanted to see the entirety of the fair but could not make it to Hannover? Worry not, the CeBIT organizers will be broadcasting all the keynotes and online on their own channels. You can view all the videos by visiting CeBIT Live or choosing individual broadcast channels by visiting the CeBIT Global Conferences page.

We will try and add live videos to this page as and when they become available to us, so stay tuned for future updates.

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