Watch American Idol Season 9 Episodes and Highlights Online

The auditions for American Idol Season 9 is now over, and the competition to find the best American singer will start tonight at 8PM ET. Though there are no legal ways to watch the shows live online, you can still catch up with recorded shows from American Idol season 9 online.

American Idol Logo

This years talent was quite immense, and several talented singers had to be sent back home. However, there are 24 talented singers who will definitely make Season 9 of American Idol a very tough battle.


If you are looking to watch the American Idol Season 9 shows and highlights online, your first destination should be the Official Website of American Idol, where you can catch up with news, photos and show videos online, along with being able to download exclusive content from the show.

Another good resource to watch full episodes of American Idol Season 9 is Yidio, who have the full episodes and highlights of the show, to watch the videos on Yidio, visit this link.

So, go ahead and catch up with some American Idol shows. By the way, who is your favorite singer from this season? Do let me know.

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