Watch 55th Filmfare Awards 2010 Online

The Filmfare Awards are presented annually by the Times Group to honor the technical, artistic and other aspects of Hindi cinema and filmmaking. Originally instituted in 1954, the Filmfare Award was reader-based where readers of the Filmfare magazine polled for the best actor, actress, film, director and music director. What started off as a magazine-based ceremony with only five awards has blossomed into the star-filled and glittering show of today with thirty-one categories for awards. The 55th Annual Filmfare Awards honoring movies released between 2009-10 will be presented on the 27th of February, 2010 from 9PM IST onwards at Yash Raj Studios, Mumbai.

Filmfare Awards

Hosted by Saif Ali Khan and Shah Rukh Khan, this year’s Filmfare ceremony is going to be as big as ever!

This year’s contenders are pretty big, with names like Anurag Kashyap’s Dev D, Rajkumar Hirani’s Three Idiots and Vishal Bharadwaj’s Kaminey lining up for Best Director, Film and other honors. Ranbir Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor seem to be the hot favorites this year with two nominations each and might as well carry at least one award back home. The nominations are quite varied, although Three Idiots seems to have quite a lot of mentions as does Kaminey. I am sure all of you have your personal favorites, but how will you watch this glitz-filled evening if your significant other is busy watching a serial or a match?

Watch the entire thing online, of course! Zoom TV, Indiatimes’ own channel has a live TV feed that has recently been put up. The TV feed has a lag of about thirty seconds against the main stream that comes to the TV, but we can live with that, I’m sure! An alternative is the special Indiatimes website set up for the 55th Filmfare Awards. This is an exclusive site for the awards ceremony only and will begin broadcasting when the ceremony starts.

So who are your favorites for this year’s Filmfare? Do let us know in the comments!

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  • Michael

    One of the Worst show. Thank God there was another show similar to this one was on at the same time Called ACADEMY AWARDS. I was looking at the quality of each and boy what a difference. The Filmfare show was full of vulgarity and unintellectual comdey. While, Steve Martin and Alex Baldwin were so good with really funny scripts. Well, I should not be surpised because the qualty of Bollywod films and Hollywood Films reflect the same quality difference.

    • Actually, not all Hollywood movies match up to the quality of Indian movies; the movies here are still a world apart and it is tough and unfair to judge them both when the only common ground between them is that they are moving pictures.
      The fact remains that there is no superior movie system or movie maker – there are great movies beyond barriers.
      Also, the Oscars have been nominating less-than-good movies as the best picture for two years in a row now. Their credibility in my eyes has decreased. :)

      • Michael

        I am not referring to movie to movie comparision. In general Bollowood Movies do not match up to the quality, story, technology, etc. to Hollywood movies. That, however, is OK. But the quality of producing Award Show is certainly inferior to Hollywood. Same old Shah Rukh, Saif Ali Khan's tasteless comedy (they don't anything better?). The dressing ups male recipients. Just totally distasteful.

        • sun

          Agree. And top of all that all want to play dress ups as gays…

        • zambi007

          it's true that the a.a.m.p.a.s. (oscars) have been decreasing in their selecting the best. the hurt locker doesn't deserve a dime just because the people can't be fooled with "make-war-first-then-film-a-movie-to-get-an-oscar" american bullyist attitude. slumdog won not because its plot was original but because people like to see india "naked" and "declothed"!

          again, it's pretty much true here that filmfare or bollywood doesn't have much talent. although recent movies like munnabhai (series), pati patni aur woh, welcome, 3idiots etc score very much alongside serius hollywood movies, which unfortunately don't even get mention at the oscars.

          the only difference between the two awards functions is the preservation of dignified humor at the oscars while the filmfare clown khan pair almost always stoop to below-ground level in their feeble attempts to make the atmosphere lighter!

          i genuinely think even the oscars are going to go down the filmfare way sooner or later!

  • jash

    Realy a very bad show.

    It is high time to kick out SRK & KAK & get some sane host

  • the award function done by Filmfare is always nice and gala and this too is a great strategy for selling Indian films worldwide.

  • sandhya

    love sharukh khan,,, he is the king and good as always,, what i liuked the most of this show was sharukh khan as host,,, omg so cool and funny,, i like him alot,,, he is the king… gods special person…