VMware Buys Zimbra, Microsoft & HP Sign $250M Deal, IBM To Move Panasonic To The Cloud

A battle in the technology world not talked about a lot is, VMware vs Microsoft in the enterprise arena. Last week has seen both these companies up the ante against each other. VMware has been giving Microsoft some stiff competition with their virtualization offerings and so far Microsoft has been able to hold the fort with a wide range of competitive products like Sharepoint, Server 2008 R2, Exchange Server, SQL Server, BizTalk Server etc. Virtualization and Cloud Computing are the industry buzz words with all the big names trying to gain market share. Microsoft’s Azure platform with Office Web Apps, Exchange, Outlook, Sharepoint make a compelling package for businesses. While all this is software, Microsoft realizes that it needs strategic partnerships with hardware manufacturers to strengthen its position. Which is where the deal with HP comes into picture. Microsoft’s deal with HP is significant, which is evident since the top leaders of both companies addressed the press briefing. The Microsoft-HP deal is for cloud infrastructure and unified solutions for the enterprise customers. Some minutes of the deal are:

  • Microsoft will be HP’s preferred partner for Virtualization solutions.
  • Lucrative hardware-software bundles from HP-Microsoft will be available for businesses.
  • HP’s software solutions for businesses will integrate and be interoperable with Microsoft’s suite of products.
  • HP will provide hardware for Microsoft’s Azure platform.

This deal will definitely help end users make decisions and upgrade their infrastructure. The CEOs of both companies have stated that this deal will not affect their respective commitments and partnerships with others.

VMware, on their part is attempting to provide their customers with an integrated solution of regularly used services. Zimbra was one of the most popular downloads on VMware’s Virtual Appliance market place. VMware CTO – Steve Herrod, did an article on the company blog talking about what prompted VMware’s decision to buy Zimbra. The article revolved around providing business customers with an integrated solution. It would be interesting to see how efficiently is VMware able to integrate Zimbra into their package since this would   diversify VMware’s offerings.

While I was writing this article, CNET reported that Panasonic will be migrating to the cloud as part of their globalization strategy. Panasonic will be dumping Microsoft Exchange and moving to IBM’s LotusLive suite of services. LotusLive is IBM’s collaboration offering for businesses that includes — email, calendar, contact management. This is being seen as the largest cloud migration.

So if you thought that Google is high on the cloud, think again. The war has just begun.

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