Vimeo Wants To Help Video Bloggers With Their New Video Film School

Sound. Camera. Action !

Let’s face it – video blogging isn’t as easy as text or photo blogging. You have to master the basics of video production, sounds, distance, light, video editing software and everything else related to motion, picture and voice.

If you are a beginner and have always wanted to start an audio/video podcast, we have a podcasting guide in store for you. Or you may just turn up to Vimeo – the video sharing website has just launched an official film making school for Video bloggers at

The video school section in Vimeo is a hand crafted page from the Vimeo team which consists of a series of instructional videos on film making. The section contains a collection of 101 videos which aims to answer the basic questions asked by Video bloggers and anyone who is interested in producing content, with their camera and lenses.

Blake Whitman, Vimeo’s director of community and product says that the Vimeo video school was largely a response of the previous users interactions. Many users were asking comments e.g how do you shoot that scene? or how did you achieved that effect ?. In short, the video school is an effort to highlight the inner secrets of great film making, with textual tutorials and step by step videos that follow along the way.

Here are some of the textual tutorials from the Vimeo Video School which will be a good start:

Here are a couple of videos from the Vimeo Video school which covers the basic aspects of Video blogging, sound and camera

Setting up your Canon 7D Camera

Framing for Film

The Basics of Storyboarding

Getting Started with Adobe After Effects

There is a learning curve, but it’s actually worth it.

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