How to View Any Blocked Website: Totally Failsafe Methods

Viewing blocked websites has always been a problem for students at school and employees at various companies. There are just so many blocking mechanisms. We have IP blacklisting, domain blacklisting and sometimes the only way to access these websites- proxies, are blocked too.

The only workaround remains as using CDN and other proxy IPs to forward connections but then, there are hardware firewalls like Cyberoam which block just about anything. What do you do then? Here are three new methods to access blocked websites.

Convert Pages to PDFs

Well,  SIMON MACKIE from Quick Tip has come up with a failsafe solution that is sure to work. He converts websites to PDFs to view them online. This keeps all the links and images on the page intact and allows us to have PDFs of pages to keep for later viewing.

Method: Go to and get the converted pages.

Open Website by IP

Most websites are blocked by their domain names so; there is a good chance that you can open them by their IP. However, this does not always take you to the desired website. It can only work as far as we are accessing some particular hosting types only.

Method: Go to the command prompt and ping the website to get its IP.

Use Google

Google can also help us access blocked websites. We can either load a website from the Google cache. Alternatively, we can access any website using Google Translate.

Method: Go to and make a search for the website. A link to the Google cache comes up with each result.

Try out these new methods to view blocked websites.

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