Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Geek Guys

The men here at Techie Buzz are hard core geeks, and nothing makes our hearts flutter on Valentine’s Day better than gadgets. We all love em, and the best part about gadgets is that they are both utilitarian items and trophies.

But gadgets aren’t the only fun things that geeks love we also like everyday items to be molded into the persona of gadgets, software and games! So, if you are looking for giving something to your geeky boyfriend this Valentine, look no further than this list!

iHome Desk Organizer Lamp: This is not just any ordinary organizer lamp. It is basically an iPod dock with its own speakers, complete with support for the iPod nano and the iPod shuffle! It also includes two organizer trays and two pen trays (like any other good organizer). This is for that almost-nerdy boy you have a crush on. Oh, and it also comes in red!


Love Energy Potion: Does your boy spend hours upon hours gaming and not paying attention to this lovething that you feel has developed between the two of you? Fear not! Feed him this magical Love Energy Potion (shaped like one of the potions he’d get in an RPG) and watch him come to life with energy (technically caffeine) flowing through his bloodstream!


8-bit Necktie: We are thorough suckers for retro things. Absolute suckers. Give us one of these and we’d wear it with pride everywhere.


Love Poem T-Shirt: Geeks love poetry. Especially when it references hex color codes. You also know it’s true love when your girl gives you a t-shirt with AYB, right?


Molecular Cufflinks: If your date is one of those biochemistry majors (there seems to be quite a lot of those these days) who is also classy, give him these cufflinks. What is this, you ask? Let’s ask the dudes at TG to answer that one:

What is this stuff? It’s a photomicrograph of a particular molecule taken by Michael W. Davidson of the Optical Microscopy Division of the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory at Florida State University (say that three times fast) then attached to a stainless steel finding using jeweler’s grade sealant by our aforementioned biological psychology professor.


So what are you planning to gift your geeky valentine this year? Do chip in with your suggestions in the comments.

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