Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Geek Girls

Geek Girls oh how we slobber over that thought! But, before you ask, yes they do exist, and if you over there are lucky enough to have a geeky girl as your valentine, then this post is for you!

Tripletz: Technically not all that geeky. But the cool geeky person you are dating is still a girl. Girls are suckers for cards. Tripletz are three cards that spell out a message designed radically differently to appear to be hipster-chic. A proper designer’s nightmare, but absolutely wondrous to look at. Go get some!

Ps Magnets: If your geeky girl is into design, she is going to love this! These Adobe Photoshop themed fridge magnets instantly bring to mind the most used parts of the very widely used image editing software. Decorate her fridge before she gets to know it with these great fridge magnets!


Le Whif: For the diet-conscious girl (96.9894% of all girls*) who is also a chocoholic, this is one of the best things to ever buy. Le Whif is a breathable chocolate tube that pours millions of tiny chocolate particles on your mouth (and not your lungs). You get the taste of chocolate without  all those obscene calories.

When you place Le Whif between your lips, and breathe in gently, the particles are picked up by the airstream, enter your mouth, and fall onto your tongue. You puff, as if to breathe, and suddenly you have an experience of flavor.


8-Bit Flower Bouquet: Does your pretty princess like retro games? Is she still in her castle? Then send her this really cute 8-bit flower bouquet display! She’ll keep it by her side and remember you forever! </cheesyness>


Crystal Cube Firejewel Necklace: If you want your woman to glowin that party tonight, gift her this sparkling Firejewel necklace. This 10mm Swarowski crystal contains a tiny LED light into which electricity enters through the clasp’s insulated wire. The coated crystal irradiates different colors, and the light emitted is near UV (which does strange things to the onlookers’ eyes!) Go get one now!b020_crystal_cube_fuze_necklace_angle

So what do you plan to gift your geeky girl? Do let us know through your comments.

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