A Reddit Clone from the US Military, Coming Next Month

For years, the Pentagon has used a suite of applications called the milSuite that consists of Facebook, Wikipedia, WordPress and YouTube knockoffs. These clone websites serve as internal collaborative platforms for the military, and are managed by MilTech Solutions, an office of the US Army. The milSuite has four applications, namely milBook, milWiki, milBlog and milTube, though a fifth one is in the making. This new application will be a Reddit clone, and will host ideas from soldiers that will be voted up/down by other soldiers.


Enter Eureka, the Military Reddit Clone

This new knockoff in the MilSuite breaks away from the mil* naming convention and will simply be called Eureka. It will follow the same content model as Reddit, and will have user-generated content that will be created and voted on, by soldiers. Given the fact that the Reddit application is open source, it will save MilTech the trouble of developing things from scratch. From the screenshot, we get a glimpse of what Eureka can offer. There are categories for what we call subreddits in Reddit, and the homepage lists five top ideas and five new ideas. This seems like a work-in-progress and some more sections and features might be added to Eureka before its release.

Reddit General Manager Erik Martin commented on this news, saying,

The Reddit format and the military both love acronyms. I can actually imagine a decent military version of TIL (Today I Learned), IAMA (Ask Me Anything), and ELIF (Explain It Like I’m Five), but the military version of MLP (My Little Pony) gives me nightmares. I do have high hopes for RAOMRE (Random Acts of MRE).

When we think of Reddit, we get this idea of a flamboyant, carefree, unrestricted and highly engaging group of users. Reddit has a rich history of organized activism, good deeds, investigations and much more. In Mimicking Reddit, Eureka might recreate the same physical environment, but the same level of engagement? According to Defense News, the project will go live mid-July and will be offered as part of MilBook.

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