US Internet Users Watched 30 Billion Videos In April [More Stats]

According to the latest online video metrics by ComScore Inc, a total of 30.3 billion videos were watched by US based internet users in the month of April 2010. As expected, a the largest contributor to online video viewing was YouTube with 13 Billion video views, making up 43.2% of the total views. This was followed by Hulu 3.2%, Microsoft Sites 2.1% and Viacom at 1.3%.

Interestingly, out of the 178 Million people who watched online videos in April, 43.6 Million watched videos using Vevo, a video service that just launched in late 2009 and focuses on music videos. ¬†Google sites, however, were still #1 at 136 Million unique users, followed by Yahoo!, Fox Interactive and Vevo on number 4th spot. For a service that hasn’t even seen its first birthday, jumping to #4 rank in unique number of online video viewers is something remarkable.

On average, each viewer watched a total of 171 videos with Google again #1 at 96 videos per viewer and Hulu following at #2 with 24 videos per viewer.  Facebook, the social media giant, which is one of the top sites for hosting photos does not do very well in terms of videos. Total number of video views for Facebook were less than 230 Million for the month of April 2010 for 41 Million unique users averaging 5.6 videos per viewer.

The report also notes that 83.5% of all US internet audience viewed a video online in April and the average duration of an online video was 4.4 minutes. The detailed report can be viewed here.

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