US Government Strategy to Prevent Leaks Faces the Rhetoric of Irony

The US government has been particularly upset about WikiLeaks and has taken extreme steps to prevent any further damage. A cure does not exist in this case as the damage has already been done irreversibly. In a desperate attempt to save its image hereafter, the US government has created a strategy to prevent any further leaks.


However, the irony is that even those documents related to the prevention strategy could not stay locked up and have leaked to the public.

The memo has been leaked to MSNBC and can be found in this PDF. An extract from the document states:

Each department or agency that handles classified information should assess the agency’s and
its employees’ adherence to the policy issuances noted below, the requirements to safeguard
classified information with an emphasis on their application in automated systems, and any
process the agency has designed to detect purposeful misuse of information technology
systems. If your agency does not have any of the required programs/processes listed, you
should establish them.

This is a formal approach to prevent leaks and the document is unclassified. WikiLeaks has caused the US government a considerable amount of embarrassment. This would have been the first step towards making things better but the failure has taken the government back to square one.


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Chinmoy Kanjilal

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