US Court are Abusing Facebook Posts for Evidence

Facebook has introduced a new feature of HTTPS that increases the security of the user. However, we have already shown that even if HTTPS is turned on, a website can check if you are logged in to Gmail simply by using this image hack.
Though, in a new development, US courts are increasingly trying to use Facebook data as evidence. They are repeatedly granted access to private content of users, and breach their privacy. This was not the case earlier. There is nothing wrong with this but it is not ethical at the same time.

Reuters reports this with an incident as,

Defense lawyers in personal-injury cases, in particular, are finding social networks to be a rich source of potentially exculpatory evidence. In one recent case, a New York woman who claimed to be bedridden after falling off a defective chair showed up in family Facebook photos smiling happily in front of her house.

Now that Facebook has become the very face of social networking, it is time they work towards protecting the privacy of their users when it comes to these cases. There needs to be a well-defined line between breach of privacy and gathering of evidence.

Currently, there are mixed cases relating to these breaches. There are quite a few cases where the court was not allowed access to private pages of users. These cases will form the basis for future cases and need to be done right.

(Image via: The security pub)

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