Twitter’s Native Image Sharing Service Is Here, Now Upload Photos Directly At

Back in June, we told you that Twitter will soon add a native image sharing option in the new Twitter interface. This news was confirmed, when several users reported of getting a built in image upload feature in their Twitter account. This happened shortly after Twitter acquired TweetDeck, which co-relates to the fact that Twitter wants to engage deeply with its audience and is now more serious on providing features people enjoy using.

Two months since then and it’s finally here. Twitter has started to roll out it’s photo sharing service across the globe and you should see it in action, the next time you login to your Twitter account.


No configuration or settings are required to enable Twitter’s own photo upload feature for your account. It should be enabled by default and you should see the above screen within a couple of days.

With this new photo sharing feature enabled for your account, uploading and sharing photos with your Twitter followers is super easy. Simply click the camera icon, browse to the local folder where the image is stored and hit the Uploadbutton. Then hit tweet- the photo will be uploaded at and the link will be added to your tweet, automatically.


Once the photo is uploaded, your followers will be able to preview it from their timeline (see example). You can upload images of any dimension and Twitter will automatically scale the image so that it fits properly on the display pane of new Twitter interface. There is one catch though you can’t upload photos that are either 3MB or bigger in file size.

While Twitter’s own photo sharing service is already live, let’s not hope that Twitter will end support for Flickr, Twitpic, YFrog and other third party photo sharing sites. So many users still use Twitpic and Flickr to share photos with their Twitter followers and ending support for third party image hosts will break a major portion of the Twitterverse.

The Privacy Aspect of Your Twitter Photos

There is no option to completely delete uploaded images from your Twitter account. Once you have uploaded an image, it’s stored on Twitter’s web server forever. You can however delete the tweet that contains the link to your image but this won’t delete the actual image file from Twitter’s image serving website. If someone manages to copy the location of the image before you delete your tweet, he will be able to access the image regardless of whether he has a Twitter account or not.

Update: After testing the following link after an hour, I found that the original image file was also deleted from Twitter’s image server.

Example: For the sake of testing, I uploaded an image from and deleted the tweet after copying the web address of the image. My tweet has been deleted but the image is still accessible at this link –

Deleted images will not show up in Twitter search results but just in case you think Twitter is ideal for sharing whatever photo is stored in your mobile – No it isn’t. Every tweet which contains a link to your photo is searchable so you should be careful about it. However,  if you have a protected Twitter account – your images should never show up in search results.

Watch the following video or head over to the help center to learn more about Twitter’s own photo upload feature:

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