Google To Give Blogger A Modern UI, New Post Editor And Content Discovery Tools is one of the best platforms for budding bloggers who are new to blogging.

Almost all of my online friends have had a blogger blog at some point of their life. Agree Blogspot does not provide complete control and customizations when compared to WordPress and other blogging platforms, but without doubt it’s one of the easiest ways for non geeks to start a blog in minutes.

The good news for Blogger users is that Google has decided to revamp Blogger’s UI and add new features e.g content discovery and an advanced Post editor amongst others. The upcoming changes at is not visible as of now, Google is showing a sneak peak of it’s new user interface at SFXW and plans to roll out these features in the coming months.

The Newer Dashboard of   Blogger

At first glance, it looks like Blogger has slightly mimicked the user interface of WordPress. The colors and style attributes look quite similar, though the arrangement of different elements is slightly different


The newer dashboard of Blogger is much clean and shows recent blog posts from blogs which you’re following. On the left sidebar, there are links to create a new blog post in any of the blogs you own or contribute at. Google says that the newer design of is powered by Google’s Web toolkit, delivering the latest in web technology. The newer post editor of Blogger has also been polished, as seen in the following screenshot


From the above screenshot, it appears that the functionalities are still the same while only the design has been prettied out. We are yet to see the changes being rolled out but considering the growing influences of other free blogging platforms like Tumblr, Posterous or Blogger must act now and bring something new to the table. Just giving a coating to existing inventory won’t attract the eyeballs.

The content discovery tool appears interesting, it will allow bloggers to find interesting and related content based on the blog you’re currently reading. The following video shows in brief what changes are about to come at

Video link

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