Coming Soon: Unlimited Cloud Storage To A SkyDrive Account Near You

SkyDrive-1_thumbWhen it comes to backing up photos, documents and a large number of files to a cloud storage provider, I always prefer using Windows Live SkyDrive over Google Docs, DropBox, SugarSync and similar services. This is because Windows Live SkyDrive provides a hefty 25GB of free space, which is ideal for backing up all my important files, documents and photos in a single location via Windows explorer. And since SkyDrive is a product from Microsoft, I am rest assured that my data is in safe hands and the company won’t close shop anytime soon.

SkyDrive has come a long way since it was launched in 2007 as Windows Live Folders, offering only 500MB of free space in early days. Gradually, the folks at Microsoft rolled up their sleeves and offered more and more free space, almost 12 times what Google Docs offers to this date. HTML5 features were added and a new domain at is a work in progress.

Its interesting to note that Microsoft recently announced deeper integration between SkyDrive and Windows Phone with the Mango release later this year. Microsoft’s biggest competitor is on a killing spree adding new features, updates and overhauling the design and usability of their products almost every other week. Chromebooks are already being shipped and if Microsoft wants to stay in the cloud computing market; they must prepare a strong inventory for their upcoming   product Windows 8.

Now here is another good news for SkyDrive users who often wondered when Microsoft would provide more free space in Windows live SkyDrive. According to Liveside, Microsoft will soon provide unlimited cloud storage for office documents and image files. Users will still enjoy 25 GB of free storage space for all other files with the 100 MB maximum file size limitation.

Microsoft is also organizing a Hotmail eventon October 3rd, inviting press analysts in San Francisco and New York. There are some rumors speculating that Hotmail might get an HTML5 interface with offline access, as an answer to Google’s very recent Offline Google mail. If I am not wrong, Microsoft is gearing up towards integrating Hotmail and SkyDrive in a way that makes sense to regular users, not just geeks. SkyDrive might just become the central point for all communications and file storage between Office Web Apps, Windows Phone, Hotmail, Windows Live messenger and hopefully Windows 8.

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