Being Underage and Having an Online Account- It is Easier than You Think

Everyone nowadays wants to be on Facebook, have an Email ID and thanks to the news media, suddenly, everyone is talking a lot about Twitter. In times like these, where online identity is a way of life, we have come past periods when online services were regulated by age barriers.

Any online account creation needs you to be of some legal age, but let’s face it. Ages are rarely verified after an account is created and we know that too well. These age restrictions are more of a moral binding rather than a legal one. All that stands between a minor and the mysterious and frolic filled world of social networks and online accounts is an unregulated checkbox, and it takes a single click get past the guilt if any.

What follows next, is an unraveling journey through every nook and corner and dark alley and friendly stop of an unexplored world. The excitement is too great to think back and understand that the account was created illegally.

Parents need to regulate how their children access the Internet. However, most of them run the fear of finding their children going online behind their backs, and opt to supervise their child’s online account. Everybody wins while the law is mocked. These situations need to change.

Here is my proposed solution. Account creations should be linked to online school records and only this way, will there be a full proof check of age. At the same time, this will provide people with a chronological identity for self assessment. Either way, something has to works better than simple declarations which are not serving the purpose. Declarations like these.


(Image from Gmail TOS)

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Chinmoy Kanjilal

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