UK Police Identifies Topiary as Jake Davis, Both LulzSec and Topiary Twitter Accounts Silent For Now

A few days ago, LulzSec made a comeback with its parent group Anonymous for  #OpPayPal  against PayPal. It also shot Lulz cannons against Mudroch and his News Corp, and released confidential documents relating to FBI contractor  ManTech International. ManTech International also does business with the USAF, NSA, Marine Corps and the Defense Intelligence Agency.
LulzSec made a comeback, but is anyone here impressed? For instance, Kaushik had this to say  about LulzSec.

Considering the little amount of mayhem that LulzSec caused and the disproportionately high amount of chest thumping they gave themselves, they always seem to be on the threshold of quitting.

I will not delve into how much everyone hates LulzSec. With the arrest of Topiary, the Lulz boat has lost its Jack Sparrow. Topiary was the showstopper and public face  of LulzSec. After his arrest, LulzSec has not spoken in its official Twitter account. Although his participation in the recent hacks was not remarkable, he held an important position in the group.

Topiary was also a part of Anonymous. Days before his arrest, his Twitter account was wiped clean and only one tweet remained-

You cannot arrest an idea.

After the arrest on Wednesday, the Metropolitan Police are confident they have the right man. Although, the arrested Jake Davis does not match with earlier speculated details (of him being Swedish and 23 years of age), but the Metropolitan Police department is going ahead with the prosecution. Jake Davis will appear in court tomorrow.

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