Ubuntu: top priorities for incoming CEO

Jane Silber is ready to take over as the next Canonical CEO and the Var Guy has already listed the top priorities of the next CEO. He writes in his blog post:

Here’s a look at the challenges — and opportunities — awaiting Silber when she assumes all of Canonical’s CEO responsibilities in March 2010…

Some of the top responsibilities, as listed by the Var Guy are:

  • Getting more business partners and service providers, making more deals with OEM manufacturers and widening the business community.
  • Establishing the the Ubuntu server and popularizing it as much as the Desktop Edition.
  • Implementing better Cloud services in the next release of Lucid Lynx.
  • Co-operate with Google and Intel in developing new technologies.
  • Spread more word about their partners.

We all hope these responsibilities will be handled better Jane Silber.

Canonical is a company which has redefined the way we use Linux. The new CEO will make things better at the Ubuntu front and continue amazing us with Canonical Products.

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Chinmoy Kanjilal

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