UberMedia Acquires TweetDeck, Aims for Twitter Monopoly across Platforms

UberMedia, the company that brought you UberTwitter, Echofon and Twidroyd for the Blackberry, iOS and Android mobile platforms is now the proud owner of TweetDeck, the de facto Twitter client for Windows.


If you have not heard of UberMedia earlier, now would be the time to know that,

UberMedia was founded in early 2010 as TweetUp (later PostUp) by Internet entrepreneur, Bill Gross, in an effort to provide Twitter users with a way to find the world’s best Tweeters on topics of particular interest and at the same time enable Tweeters to increase their following among people keen to hear what they have to say.

Being a company based totally on the social-media ecosystem is not an easy job. One has to keep innovating because users prefer a service only so long as it remains the best of the lot. There is a drive urge to deliver and excel in all three mobile platforms that has taken UberMedia to the next level. For example, UberMedia was the first to develop an app that brought live preview of links and media in tweets. This prevented the application from navigating away to launch a browser.

This company is not all about talking big and missing in action. They describe their feedback policy as,

We’re always open to new ideas and would love to get your feedback. Each of our apps has a suggestion button that provides a direct message back to our development team. Our Support and Contact Us pages also include links, and we read everything people write to us about. So let us know what you think, and of course, enjoy our apps and the UberMarket.

Bill Gross holds some of the biggest name in the Twitter app world and the acquisition of TweetDeck will definitely be a relevant and valuable addition to his company’s inventory of apps. The deal valued in the $25 $30 million range is the largest deal ever for UberMedia, given that TweetDeck is the largest Twitter client.

Looks like TweetDeck is in good hands and we can expect it to keep growing under UberMedia.

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