Twitter Wants and Everything Twitter

Twitter made a failed attempt to patent the word Twitter, Facebook wants to patent the word face and is just a few steps from there, and everyone wants to patent the dictionary word in their brand name too. The term brand-value is being taken at face value.

Saving its brand value, Twitter wants to bring down, which is a parked domain but does nothing of the sort its name might suggest. Twitter has rightfully blamed it for portraying the wrong idea. Twitters own search service is also known as Twitter Searchand can confuse a good number of people. Therefore, anyone in the right mind would take this action. However, it is not Twitter or the action that we are worried about. It is about the ethics behind these actions.

This is the first time Twitter is doing this and it is doing the right thing. However, this can mark a series of takedowns Twitters might attempt. Moreover, Twitter bringing down Twittersearch is perfectly understandable. However, Facebook’s strategy against Lamebook is pretty lame and high schoolish.

Facebook should learn from Twitter on how to do it right and stop bullying around.

Via: Techcrunch)

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