Twitter Suspends Operation Payback Account, Will 4Chan Attack Twitter Now?

has suspended the account of the Anon "Operation Payback" team @Anon_Operation. This account was being used by the Anon team to send out messages on when they were going to hack which site.

Operation Payback Twitter Account Suspended

Quite recently Anon took down and had flashed several messages on Twitter about the operation. Now as SAI is reporting, the account has been suspended by Twitter.

Twitter was one of the targets for Anon to attack, because they thought they were censoring content from the trending topics. However, Twitter has denied those claims, but the suspension of the "Operation Payback" account could enrage the members of Anon who might possibly DDoS Twitter.

Start bracing yourself for some Twitter downtime.

Update: Operation Payback is now back on Twitter as @Anon_Operationn

Update 2: The original @Anon_Operation account is now back up. There was a tweet from the account which said that the deletion was accidental.

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