Twitter Now 100 Million Strong

The Twitter Blog announced today there are now 100 million active users of its service around the globe. It was only five years ago, when @Jack sent the first Tweet to his humble seven followers. Fast forward to today, and that number is a whopping 1.7 million + followers. Wow! It just shows the exponential growth Twitter has experienced in such a small amount of time.

Twitter’s global, and now with the International Space Station’s use, ¬†outer space reach, transcends continents, languages, and many cultures. In the coming weeks they hope to add more languages by “launching Hindi, Filipino, Malay and Simplified and Traditional Chinese”. They pride themselves on giving a voice to many people around the world. They also say that Twitter is more than just Tweeting. According to the blog “40 percent of our active users simply sign in to listen to what’s happening in their world”.

There is no doubt that Twitter has changed the way our world communicates. From government agencies to news reporters, from Athletes to their coaches, entertainers, preachers, non profits, and everyone in between, Twitter has become the loudspeaker from which we all speak. The Twitter blog was quick to point out how it has enabled ordinary citizens to become news breakers. For instance, the first picture of the US Airways Airplane that landed in the Hudson River.

Twitter you have reached a significant milestone, one you certainly should be proud of. I wish Twitter all the best and hope the best is yet to come for their future.

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Darrin Jenkins

Darrin is an IT manager for a large electrical contractor in Louisville KY. He is married and has 3 kids. He loves helping people with their technology needs. He runs a blog called Say Geek!