Twitter Launching a “ShoutOut” Feature Soon

Twitter has just created an official @TwitterShoutOut account that seems to be a way to write endorsements or testimonials for your Twitter friends in 140 characters or less. The official description of the account reads “Contribute your shoutouts to peeps.”

There is no word from Twitter yet about this, but consensus is that it will let friends, or friends of friends vouch for you in the Twitterverse. This could be a very relevant feature in assessing credibility of a user and get ¬†succinct ¬†reviews about them from people who actually know them. Traditionally, a lot of people gauged somebody’s credibility by the number of followers they have, but with launch of so many services that allow you to buy followers, that has gone down the drain.

All this, however, is still a theory since there hasn’t been an official word from Twitter yet. The account was created in the last few hours and has not made nay public tweets yet. Do you think such a feature would work well with Twitter users? What are some other features Twitter should launch to improve the online social scene?

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