Twitter Launches “Twitter Tales”, Wants to Know Your Twitter Story

First it was Facebook, then it was Google and now it’s Twitter who wants you to submit a story and let the rest of the world know about it.   A few months back, Facebook pioneered the idea of “user stories” thereby inviting users to write all the creative ways they use Facebook nowadays.

Google followed suit and asked the users to submit their “search stories” which is basically about incidents when Google changed their lives. Twitter has joined the league by announcing the launch of Twitter Tales – a place where you can share your experience on how creatively you interact with the largest micro blogging site.

Presently, there are three stories listed:

Life: @natashabadhwar is a mother/filmmaker/photographer/writer from New Delhi who sees Twitter as a form of self therapy.
Community: @caltrain is a crowd-sourced Twitter account where people can help others avoid pitfalls on their daily commute.

Each week, Twitter will add a new story in the official Twitter blog’s sidebar which will highlight how individuals and businesses from around the world help make the Twitter experience awesome. You can read the user submitted stories from

Twitter has been quite busy in recent times and it’s clear that the company is focusing more and more on the user.   In the past weeks, the micro blogging giant came up with a Tweet button ( great for branding), added Fast Follow and SMS following (again a nice way to engage beginners), added “Who to follow and You both follow” and now it’s the “Twitter tale”.

With the number of Twitter user’s growing everyday, it’s imperative that Twitter adds more and more engagement and draws users to fun aspects of the community.

To submit your Twitter tale, all you have to do is open your email client, write the tale and send it to [email protected] And yes, you are allowed to write more than 140 characters !

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