Twitter Is The Most Popular English Word This Year

With just 1 month to go in 2009, people have started compiling lists of the top, best and worst things for 2009. GLM (Global Language Monitor) is an entity that monitors language trends around the globe. They have just released their list of the most popular words of 2009 and Twitter is at the top followed by Obama, H1N1 and Stimulus.

A lot of political events including Iran Elections helped Twitter in its exponential growth. As more and more TV channels, news reporters and other media people started using Twitter, it switched from “a social media tool for geeks” to “a social media tool for masses’.

GLM’s   monitoring strategy includes tracking words and phrases all over the media and internet including blogs and social media. The ranking looks at frequency as well as the contextual usage of the word. On a side note, Jai Ho, the famous song from Slumdog Millionaire ended up as the 8th most popular phrase of 2009.

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