Twitter For iPhone And Android Gets Healthy Updates, Brings Back Swipe Features

The official Twitter apps for iPhone and Android have just received a major refresh, bringing back swipe and other demanding features. Additionally, Twitter has also released a Kindle Fire app on the Amazon app store, while an update to the Barnes and Noble nook store is a work in progress. The Android app is now optimized to perform smoothly in devices running on Ice Cream Sandwich.

The much needed swipe feature introduced in this update, now allows you to swipe through a tweet in order to retweet, reply or favorite it.  You can either swipe or tap and hold to reveal additional interactive options, no need to hop over someone’s Twitter timeline just to reply to a tweet or favorite something.

Here is how the swipe gesture works, in case you are not sure how it works:


After getting nuked over iPhone contact upload issue, Twitter has now updated both mobile apps to notify users that using the “Find friends” feature will upload their contact list on Twitter’s servers. When you navigate to the “Find friends” section under the #Discover tab, Twitter will show the following alert:


“We’ve added a confirmation alert when you select “Find friends”. This notification more clearly and explicitly messages the fact that when you upload your contacts’ email addresses and phone numbers, you can quickly find which of your friends are on Twitter (that is, if they’ve chosen to be discoverable by email or phone number).” – Twitter said in an official blog post.

The iPhone app, has now a huge edge over its Android counterpart, as this update has returned the classic copy and paste of text in tweets. Simply tap and hold to copy all the text of a tweet (including links), which is lifesaving. Talking of Android, I have to repeatedly hit the Share button next to a tweet, select “Messaging” and then copy all the text from my inbox. Then fall back to the Twitter app and paste the copied text as a status – a very time consuming affair. Boring!

There is more, the sharing features of the iPhone app has received more goodness. Now you can retweet, copy, email or select “read it later”, whenever you tap a tweet that contains a hyperlink. Pressing or holding links in a tweet provide similar options, along with the ability to open the link in Safari web brower.  If you’re the type of person who gets three dozen Twitter DM’s every single day, you have one more reason to rejoice.  The iPhone app now houses a neat “Mark all DM’s as read” button in the lower right corner.

As usual, Android users are out of luck.

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