Twitter HoverCards: Preview a User Profile Without Leaving Your Timeline

Even though a lot of people prefer using third-party apps in comparison to the actual Twitter website, the Twitter team is bent on enhancing the user experience at The latest in a series of efforts is a new feature announced recently by Twitter Spokesperson Jenna Sampson, called hovercards. As the name pretty much suggests, hovercards are virtual cards that pop-up when you hover your mouse over a Twitter handle.

The hovercard includes a preview of the user’s profile including the profile picture and location. The hovercard also tells you if you are following the person or lets you follow them from within the hovercard. More information about the user can also be seen through an expanded version of the hovercard. Moreover, they will also allow you to send direct messages to your Twitter friends without leaving your timeline.

In short, this feature will add a lot more interactivity to the Twitter website and will allow you to do almost everything without going to different web pages. The feature is being rolled out in stages so don’t worry if you don’t see it for a few days. However, do tell us what you think about this feature. Do you think some of the recent features introduced at might lure you to ditch your favorite third-party app for

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