Twitter Launches the Follow Button

After the Tweet button, Twitter has launched yet another button for users who have blogs or websites – the Twitter Follow button. Until now, the only way to follow someone on Twitter is to visit their Twitter profile and click on Follow.

But now, you can just add a Follow button which is linked directly to your Twitter account, so that your visitors can follow your Twitter account directly, with just one click.

Once you click on the Follow button on any website, you get a small popup with a preview of the user account.

It’s a very simple, yet interesting concept which enables website owners to connect with their audience on Twitter much more easily.

You can create your own Follow button here:

Twitter Follow Button

Here’s the follow button for Techie-Buzz:

Twitter Follow Button

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  • Eventually, either twitter will buy out its partners like it did with tweetdeck or will kick them out like with TwitPic. Although, getting rid of third party tools partners may the default choice of twitter, however, it was probably a bit difficult in case of tweetdeck due to its offerings (or may be other reasons) which led twitter in buying them rather than getting rid of them. Not all other partners should hope for the same treatment by twitter though. They should all start preparing themselves for their D day now which may happen anytime in future now.