Twitter’s Christmas Gift – Fail Whale

It’s Christmas and I guess many of the folks who work at might have had the day off. Alas it was a bad time for Twitter to go down. Yes Twitter’s Christmas gift to all the Twitter users and their staff itself is the infamous Fail Whale.

s twitter_fail_whale

The status blog was recently updated and said:

We’re currently experiencing some site availability issues; we’re looking into it now and will update when we have more information.

I guess we’ll have to take our Christmas Wishes to then.

Update: Some part of Twitter seems to be coming up. I can see the scripts that run on third-party sites pulling in Tweets.

Update 2: Twitter is back up now.

2 thoughts on “Twitter’s Christmas Gift – Fail Whale”

  1. It was actually the Wi ki Le aks’ fans who brought it down as they said before, for demoting the TT WikiLeaks and then denying it. What a better day they chose for this.

    1. @Susan – I doubt it was a DDoS attack about WikiLeaks. In case of a DDoS attack you wouldn’t even be able to see the fail whale and would have seen a generic browser error about the page not loading.

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