Twitter Revamps it’s Business Guide Page, Opens Door For Advertisers

Some good news for folks who have always wanted to use Twitter for advertising their businesses.

Twitter has released a revamped version of their business page at The page contains a simple form which companies may fill out in order to buy promoted accounts, promoted tweets or promoted trends.

If you are an advertiser who wants to advertise your products or Tweets on Twitter, you are asked to fill out the following details:

  • Your monthly budget which you wish to spend on advertising, ranging from $10,000 up to $1,00,000.
  • The Time period of the Twitter advertising campaign, ranging from one week to 3+ months
  • The country or location where you wish to advertise.
  • Whether you are interested to spend your advertising capital in promoted tweets, promoted trends or promoted accounts.

Next, enter some more details about your company or organization e.g campaigns, goals and hit the “Submit” button to send your request to the Twitter business team.

It appears that Twitter has finally opened it’s doors for advertisers and is now seriously planing to monetize the microblogging site after a life span of 4 years, from the day it was launched. In fact, Twitter is one of the few successfull social networking websites which remained ad free for such a long time.

On the left side of Twitter’s business page, there are quite a few links which outlines the basic guidelines, Twitter’s glossary and best practices. There is also the Widgets and Resources page along with Twitter’s API documentation where developers can take a peek and know the inside details of building application using the Twitter API.

Analytics is another tool which the advertisers are going to love.   Twitter’s analytics page offers an online dashboard where advertisers can see the real time metrics e.g retweets, clicks, replies, mentions and impressions. Advertisers will also have the ability to differentiate between paid an unpaid tweets.

Will Ads Affect The Open Nature Of Twitter?

Coming back to Twitter’s advertising model, only time will tell how the Twitter advertisements are going to affect the open nature of   information shared on Twitter. If the promoted tweets are geotargetted or match closely with the users interest, I don’t think the advertisements are going to affect user behavior to a huge extent.

Think of the other forms of online advertising – Google Adsense, Chitika etc all help advertisers “sell” products and help publishers monetize their web properties. These ad networks have stayed since a decade and almost every other website is using it. So why should Twitter stay behind and at the end of the day – every company has the right to monetize it’s platform.

Ask yourself -” Will you write a blog, run a service or sell some product for free? Lifelong ?

My honest answer is – No I won’t, especially when millions are using my product to promote their own business or service – I have the right to monetize it.

Jason Falls, an expert social media marketing consultant told ReadWriteWeb

“Selling trending topics is like gaming Digg,”

“Twitter is inviting marketing money bags to completely ruin the organic nature of the tool. When I look at something like that, I tell clients, ‘They’re just whores for your money.’ It’s obvious they’re making Facebook-like errors to try and compensate for the fact they never had a business model in mind when they built this thing.”

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