Twitter Acquires TweetDeck for $40 Million

TweetDeckIt makes perfect sense.

The most popular and widely growing micro-blogging site acquiring the most popular desktop client for Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz, LinkedIn and MySpace. The deal was closed at $40 Million which is somewhat lesser than the expected amount of $50 Million as reported earlier. Though Twitter has denied to comment whether they have actually acquired TweetDeck, multiple sources confirm the acquisition.

Back in February, there were some rumors that UberMedia might acquire TweetDeck. The rumors fell like a deck of cards when Twitter blocked UberMedia’s application fearing that UberMedia might rival Twitter in the long run by creating their own social micro blogging site. It turns out that UberMedia’s deal was cut out during mid April which opened doors for TweetDeck to respond to the offer made by Twitter.

With the rising popularity of TweetDeck across multiple platforms, it was long coming.

You build a startup, it takes a different turn than what it was intended for. Fair enough, then you allow third party developers to build apps around your service so that more users can engage from a variety of sources e.g Android, desktop, iOS and so on.

Then comes the real boom.

Suddenly, you have the feeling that these third party apps are getting more popular than your actual product and less people are actually knocking your door and converting to business.

When it comes to monetization, Twitter has been a slow learner. In fact, this is the only widespread Internet company which has not implemented bold monetization methods so far. There are promoted tweets, promoted users which is the only way for Twitter to earn revenue, but they are not obtrusive. Twitter wants to play clean and maintain a good user experience, but here is a small catch.

If you want your real shop to be the center of attraction, you have to limit the outlets. Sure outlets spread your branding, get the word about your business and brings more goodwill but if their own roots become parallel to yours, you have to do something about it. Which may be one of the reason why Twitter changed their API Tos and limited the ever expanding growth of third party Twitter Apps.

Now talking of apps, the dark horse might be the TweetDeck app for Chrome. Acer and Samsung are launching Chromebooks from June 15th, remember?


Though Twitter has denied to comment on the  rumors of acquiring TweetDeck  but someone did revoked my access token for TweetDeck this morning.

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