WAR! Say Heello To Another Twitter Clone, This Time By TwitPic Founder

Are we in for a micro blogging war? Soon after Twitter enabled native photo uploading feature for most Twitter accounts, TwitPic founder Noah Everett announced the launch of Heello a complete Twitter clone which works the same way as Twitter does. One hundred percent!


Here is how Heello works. You create an account at Heello.com and can follow people whose updates you want to read. Uh… in Heello’s language, listen.

Next, you can post tweets pings and they will appear on your public Heello timeline. That’s right, your updates in Heello are called Pings.

Your listeners can send a reply to your ping and mutual following allows you to send private messages to your listeners. Retweeting updates of your listeners has been renamed to Echoso you can echo the pings of your followers. There I screwed it again, it should read listeners.

The big deal here is that Heello comes with photo and video sharing capabilities out of the box, with more features coming soon. Here is how the ping box at Heello looks like


You guessed it the character limit of a ping is 140.

Check out Heello’s live stream to understand how public Hello timelines look:


Anyone who has a Twitter account can blindly say that Heello is a complete Twitter clone. Neither Noah Everett is denying this statement.

If Twitter can compete with its developers without fair notice, then why can’t we?he said.

Fair argument, Noah. It is just a matter of time when Twitter’s mobile apps will support native photo uploads and suddenly, all the TwitPics, yFrogs and third party image sharing sites are put out of business. When it comes to sticking with a service, Internet users are not that loyal to be honest.

The Heello team is gearing up for a full fledged war on Twitter in the coming months. Heello will support SMS integration, video uploads, checkins, mobile apps and an exclusive feature called Channels. Channels will let Heello users group themselves together and users would be able to   Listen’ to a Channel to see all their pings at one place.

Another fancy name of Twitter lists?


This is Sparta!

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