TweetDeck Being Acquired By Seesmic?

TweetDeck Being Acquired By Seesmic?

There are news and videos floating around that one of the most popular cross-platform clients is being acquired by it’s main rival Seesmic.

This news is definitely not good because where is the business acumen? Why did Seesmic create a application to rival TweetDeck in the first place? Why did Seesmic waste so many hours positioning itself as a alternative? Why did they waste so many hours of developers?

All glaring questions that need to be answered, if this so called rumorgoes through, this is definitely a giveaway by Seesmic at least, because as far as we know TweetDeck beats them outright.

However here is a video that is speculating these rumors, looking at it you will definitely see something concrete in this sense is happening, the video features founder of TweetDeck Iain Dodsworth and Loic from Seesmic.

[via Inquisitr]

One thought on “TweetDeck Being Acquired By Seesmic?”

  1. It has been confirmed to be a joke.
    Seesmic is pwning TweetDeck though in terms of features. Its the new kid in the block but already outdoes tweetdeck with some awesome features like Facebook comments integration, spell check and stuff.

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