Tumblr leaves Posterous far behind in Competition

Tumblr and Posterous have fought a tough battle over the last few years for supremacy in the short-blogging service. Each one tried to attract users with more features. However, now the battle is nearing its end and Tumblr stands at a much better position.


Considering the fact that even as I started my short-blog a few days ago, I chose Tumblr over Posterous, I am happy to be with a better service. My idea of Tumblr and the notion about Posterous (which eventually cancelled it off my choice list) was developed after a simple opinion search on Google. Almost everyone prefers Tumblr to Posterous. Put simply, my point here is, Tumblr had won long before I or Richard MacManus at the  ReadWriteWeb covered this.

The view has already been shared by a co-author here at Techie-Buzz, Tehseen Baweja who correctly predicted the scenario some months ago in  this coverage.

Tumblr lost a considerable amount of customers when Posterous came into existence and lured them away. ReadWriteWeb’s coverage shows Compete and Quantcast stats as considerable proof of the fact. So, the question here is, what made Tumblr stand the tides of time and survive?

Tumblr has the advantage of being the first name in the field. This allowed it to start the show and many corporate brands started their blogs on Tumblr. The unique features of Tumblr was viewing and commenting on friend blogs from the dashboard. This allowed Tumblr to socialize its blogs and build a network around them all.

When combined, it created a perfect blend of things you would want to do on a blogging service like WordPress as well as on a microblogging service like Twitter.

Tumblr might be the next big thing and now is the right time to join it. You can also also setup Tumblr on your personal domain and this  desktop client makes using Tumblr a lot easier.

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