Tracking Flight Cancellations Due To Iceland Volcano

If you have read any newspaper or watched any news channel in last 3-4 days, you are sure to know about the disaster in Iceland and its implications. A volcano has erupted in Iceland but the ash cloud formed by the lava has moved so fast across Europe that thousands of flights have been canceled due to potential of engines being harmed.

NewYorkTimes has designed an interactive tool that tracks flight cancellations based on airports and countries. A nice colorful map shows you which airports have all flights canceled (marked in red), which airports have some flights canceled (marked in yellow) and which airports are open (marked in green). Below the map, is a complete list of European airports that have been affected along with their airport code and a recently updates status. Clicking on any of the airport takes you directly to their website where you can read latest news.

It is a great tool to track impacted airports and flights through this natural disaster that has already caused airlines billions of dollars.

Iceland Flights

Iceland Flights

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