Track The US Oil Spill On An Interactive Map

We have been hearing a lot about the US oil spill and how serious it can be. Everybody seems to have their own version of how fast it is spreading and where it is right now. Well, New York Times has again come up with an amazing tool to track the spill.

The interactive map shows you where the spill was each day starting on the 22nd of April. You can click on play to see a slide-show or click on any particular day to see the status on that day. The data is sure to be reliable since it is coming from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The map also clearly shows the site of actual oil rig explosion and the closest land and fishing water.

The tool is updated daily to include the latest information. As the spill gets closer and closer to the land, it is one of the best tools to track it and get the bigger picture without going into much details. New York Times had previously also come with a similar tool to track the effects of the Iceland Volcano and the flights being delayed due to it.

US Oil Spill Map

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