Track the Iowa 2012 Presidential Caucus with iPhone and Android Apps

Track the Iowa 2012 Presidential Caucus with iPhone and Android Apps

Much to the dislike of many Americans, the 2012 Presidential campaign season rolls into full swing tonight with the advent of the Iowa 2012 Presidential caucus. For many of us, we have to endure seemingly endless political coverage and get to hear every bad thing these politicians have done since their childhood. However, for you political junkies out there, you’re in luck! There are now apps for both Android and Apple devices so you can track all the exciting news out of Iowa.

Iowa GOP Countdown Clock

The first app I would like to tell you about comes from the Iowa Republican party. Not that I want to put a political slant on this article, but rather the Republican party is pretty much the only real news that will come out of the Iowa caucuses because the Democratic party only has one candidate, President Obama. The App is called “IowaGOP2012″ and is designed by Victory Enterprises. According to the description at the Apple store the app will “explain the history and the process of the caucus, let you find your caucus location, and provide easy to use ways to contact Iowa GOP staff, Iowa Elected officials, and Caucus Candidates. You can see a screenshot of the app pictured below. It looks very much like the Iowa GOP website. You can download the Android app here and the Apple app here.

Iowa GOP 2012

If you would like a more objective view of the caucus, then you might want to consider Gannett’s “Iowa Caucuses” app. It appears to only be available via iTunes. It is developed by The Des Moines Register. According to their description the app will:

★ Find all of The Des Moines Register caucus coverage or filter by your choice of candidates.
★ Get live results on caucus night on Jan. 3.
★ Add a candidate event to your calendar simply by tapping the date and time listed in the event.
★ Get directions to an event by tapping the map.
★ Share stories, videos and candidate information on Twitter, Facebook and more.
★ Download the content once and read offline.
★ Push notifications.

Below you can see a screenshot of the app on the iPhone. You can download the Apple app from the iTunes app store here.

The Des Moines Register App

Iowa is the first U.S. state to cast votes toward presidential candidates. They take great pride in being “First in the Nation”. The Iowa caucus is a very different process than primaries that are held in many other states. ABC news has an interesting video which explains the process.

Hopefully you political junkies out there will find these apps useful and they will help you get your political “fix”. If you would like to watch the countdown to all the action, go to and enjoy their countdown clock on the front page of their website.

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